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EdGamer 84: U.S. Government Will Not Build a Death Star

This IS the podcast you’re looking for! This week on EdGamer Episode 84 we contemplate the reality of building the Death Star…spoiler alert…our vote is a resounding, YES! We also give you some ‘EdCeptional’ news about games in Special Education settings, follow up on Homeland Security and try to figure out how to pronounce d0x3d, a link from our dear friend Niilo…another don’t miss episode of EdGamer.… Read the rest

EdGamer 55: Manipulation is not only a tool for the ‘Dark Side’

This week on EdGamer  Episode 55 we try to figure out the motivation behind an…uh…interesting article by a few psychologists. Then in happier thoughts we check out a great article about Ken Burns and manipulation. Finally we look ahead some exciting new game releases. Tune in to the latest EdGamer episode and find out Zack’s deepest, darkest secret (spoiler alert: he cried at the end of Harry Potter).… Read the rest

EdGamer 45: Star Wars:The Old Republic vs. World of Warcraft

It’s a packed house on EdGamer 45! This week we welcome back two of our favorite guests: Lucas Gillispie, a gamer, Instructional Technology Coordinator for Pender County Schools and blogger at Edurealms and Justin Roth, a clinical researcher and avid gamer. We only needed two topics to fill the show this week with all this brain power so we chose carefully.… Read the rest

EdGamer 42: What is Gamification and Can It Be Harmful to Your Health?

EdGamer 42 is packed with great info! This week we tackle the complex and controversial issue of ‘Gamification’ in the classroom…fun or fad…we help you decide. Plus, we revisit the Vita and look ahead to another great new game that is due out in the near future. Check it out!

***A clarification of a incorrect statement by Zack- Taoists use Yin-Yang and Buddhist use a wheel called the Dharmachakra.… Read the rest

EdGamer 40: iPads, Star Wars Kinect, and Civilization V Expansion

EdGamer is 40! For the special occasion we dig up some articles about our favorite things…Star Wars, Civilization and and iPads. Zack tells us some exciting news he received about his classroom before we delve into the possibilities of the Kinect(ed) classroom. We also take a look at one of the best commercials either of us have seen in a long time for a game that we are both pumped about.… Read the rest