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EdGamer 33: Two Separate Ideas That Need to Join

On Episode 33 of EdGamer we take on the daunting task of updating the American educational system. The two amazing articles from this week’s show give great recommendations on what needs to be done. We are determined to fit the two together for one great and most importantly, effective answer. Tune in for some great banter on how we can include games in the future of education.
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The Connection Between Buffalo, Gaming, and Standardized Testing

When will someone recognize the importance of interactive gaming within our schools?  When will the “Paradigm Shift” come, as Sir Ken Robinson has been proclaiming? When will we move away from standardized tests and focus on divergent thinking, which can occur in games and simulations?This reminds me of a trip…..
In the summer of 2005 I took a trip to Canada and I was introduced to the term “buffalo jump.”  This is where the indigenous people of Alberta scared the buffalo off a cliff in order to get the resources the buffalo provided.  … Read the rest