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EdGamer 96: Rush and a Revolution Through Games

EdGamer episode 96 covers a lot of ground. This was an eventful week that saw tragedies in Texas, Boston, and major flooding in parts of the Midwest  The week ended well with Zack and his game club (games we played- No Thanks!CartegenaBotswana) and Rush’s induction (Zack is a big Rush fan!) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.… Read the rest

Why Education Gives Me a Rush

In the winter of my sophomore year in high school a friend of mine, Brian, was driving me to a performance.  We were part of a dance ensemble in high school.  It was something like Glee, but not as fancy.  Brian was driving his Porsche 914, it was the Porsche that had the engine in the back and it was very light.  I think he took me along because I added weight to the car, which helped with the traction.  … Read the rest