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EdGamer 43: What is the Best Platform for Education and Gaming?

There are some new devices being released and this week we thought we would take a look at all the major gaming platforms to discuss their effective use in the classroom.  All of these devices have positives when it comes to gaming, but not all of them would be a great purchase for their learning value.  We would love to hear your comments concerning the wide range of topics we discuss in the week’s EdGamer Podcast.… Read the rest

EdGamer 40: iPads, Star Wars Kinect, and Civilization V Expansion

EdGamer is 40! For the special occasion we dig up some articles about our favorite things…Star Wars, Civilization and and iPads. Zack tells us some exciting news he received about his classroom before we delve into the possibilities of the Kinect(ed) classroom. We also take a look at one of the best commercials either of us have seen in a long time for a game that we are both pumped about.… Read the rest