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EdGamer 86: Jeremiah McCall and the Learning Games Network

This week on EdGamer Episode 86 we are joined by our good friend and repeat special guest Jeremiah McCall of the Learning Games Network! Jeremiah is nice enough to walk us through some of the great stuff happening with the Playful Learning initiative. He also tosses in some amazing insight on the latest topics of gaming and education. Don’t miss this episode.… Read the rest

EdGamer 46: Low Tech Games at West Sacramento Prep

Watch out for EdGamer 46…this week we’re ‘Roland in the deep’ (sorry Roland) with returning guest Roland Aichele from West Sacramento Prep in California. Roland fills us in on the latest trends of the west coast including some low tech gaming madness. We also talk about Dan Pink one of the most interesting authors in the business world that is frequently being referenced in educational circles and how his latest book ‘Drive’ may fit into our gaming and education curriculums.… Read the rest