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EdGamer Episode 131.132: Oculus FaceRift

This week on EdGamer 131.132 we catch up on a lot of Games and Learning news. If you are looking for EdGamer 131 it is out there, but according to Zack it will be referred to as a lost episode. In EdGamer 131.132 we discuss Zack’s visit to SXSWedu and a selfie with Nolan Bushnell who is working on a project called BrainRush.… Read the rest

EdGamer 100: Finding the Next Steve Jobs with Nolan Bushnell

Celebrate EdGamer’s 100th Episode with our Special Guest, Atari Co-founder, gaming pioneer, and edtech entrepreneur, Nolan Bushnell. We’ll discuss Nolan’s new book, as well as his exciting new ed company, Brainrush.com! Tune -in and level-up!

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Here’s our Show Notes

Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show Guest: Nolan Bushnell

Contact us with any questions or comments- edgamer@edreach.us

EdGamer artwork by Tricia Fuglestad

Educelerate LA I: Launch Party around Gamification of Learning

On September 27th Educelerate LA launched its first Meetup with the kind hosting of Nolan Bushnell and Brent Bushnell to discuss the “Gamification of Learning” at Los Angeles’ new idea factory Two Bit Circus.  The event was heavily attended by game designers, educational games companies, technologists, artists, storytellers and inventors who introduced their own new concepts of games and learning and what we might expect to see in the coming years.  It was an enjoyable evening filled with wide-ranging discussions.… Read the rest