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EdGamer 105: Fight Club for Veterans

This week on EdGamer Episode 105 we dig back into the violence in video games debate. Can violent video games be a therapeutic release for some children? We take a look at a parallel endeavor by some military veterans using MMA (mixed martial arts) to release tension. Plus, we have the latest news on the Civilization series and some other great tidbits along the way.… Read the rest

EdGamer 103: GLS 2013 Recap

We’re back from the Games & Learning Society Conference and we have a ton to share! In EdGamer 103 we take you through all the highlights of the conference from great sessions to keynote addresses. We take this chance to look back at the great time we spent with old friends and look forward to the great conversations we are going to have with new friends.… Read the rest

EdGamer 91: Gerry at NAEA (National Art Education Association) 2013

Gerry is calling in from Texas for EdGamer 91. He is attending the NAEA (National Art Education Association) 2013 Conference in Austin.  He left the snow of Chicago for the warm weather of the south and he is filling his brain with new ideas about Games and Learning.  Zack gives us an update about his game club, we discuss SXSWedu, and Zack has been asked to join the Playful Learning Advisory Board.  … Read the rest

EdGamer 86: Jeremiah McCall and the Learning Games Network

This week on EdGamer Episode 86 we are joined by our good friend and repeat special guest Jeremiah McCall of the Learning Games Network! Jeremiah is nice enough to walk us through some of the great stuff happening with the Playful Learning initiative. He also tosses in some amazing insight on the latest topics of gaming and education. Don’t miss this episode.… Read the rest

EdGamer 80: Playful Learning Initiative with Jeremiah McCall

On this week’s EdGamer we brought back a former guest, Jeremiah McCall.  He is working with the Learning Games Network on a new project called Playful Learning.  This is an ambitious project that will help educators find games that will work in their classroom.  Playful Learning will also help teachers with the difficult task of implementation.  Tune in and level-up!… Read the rest