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EdGamer 92: Pete Figtree Discusses Role-Playing Games in Literature

Pete Figtree of Ruthless Diastema is our guest this week on EdGamer 92.  Pete has a great Games and Learning  blog and podcast.  We have a lot in common, but Pete has focused on a specific gaming genre for his high school English and Language Arts classroom….role-playing games.  He loves using non-digital Indie games to assess his students’ learning in literature.  … Read the rest

EdGamer 91: Gerry at NAEA (National Art Education Association) 2013

Gerry is calling in from Texas for EdGamer 91. He is attending the NAEA (National Art Education Association) 2013 Conference in Austin.  He left the snow of Chicago for the warm weather of the south and he is filling his brain with new ideas about Games and Learning.  Zack gives us an update about his game club, we discuss SXSWedu, and Zack has been asked to join the Playful Learning Advisory Board.  … Read the rest

EdGamer 90: ICE Conference Review

This week on episode 90 of EdGamer we review two of the best conferences of the year for technology and education. In the last two weeks EdGamer has attended the ICE and SIT conferences and we have a plethora of new things to share with you! Plus, you get to hear all of the wonderful antics as a result of Zack spending a few days at Gerry’s house.… Read the rest

EdGamer Edvisor: Top 5 (ish) Digital Creation Tools

EdGamer Edvisor is a compacted but highly focused version of EdGamer that gives the listener a quick list of tools or reviews to aid learning in the classroom. This episode highlights our top 5 (ish) digital creation tools for the classroom. Enjoy!


  1. The right computer lab – Macs, monitors & Wacom tablets
  2. Adobe Photoshop/CS Suite & Adobe Lightroom
  3. Final Cut Pro / iMovie
  4. 3D Studio Max / Maya / Autodesk Suite / ZBrush / Sculptris / Pixologic / Cheetah 3D
  5. Unity Game Engine
  6. Sound editing softwareGarageBand / Avid’s Pro Tools
  7. Journaling program – Corel / Pento / Evernote
  8. Hosting program – JIBE / web design


Your thoughts?… Read the rest

EdGamer 89: The Gates Foundation Confuses Educators

This week on the 89th installment of EdGamer, we try to figure out why Bill Gates “confuzzles” us (Zack is extremely proud of his new word…). The discussion quickly turns to frustration as we banter about topics such as standardized testing, individuality in students and common standards. We end the show with some lighter gaming news about some great new products.… Read the rest