EdGamer 36: 1:1, CES, and Apple


Gerry was unavailable this week, for legitimate reasons, and I had to search for a guest. I not only found one guest, but I found two! You might know Scott Weidig from the EdReach Show and he is also one of Gerry’s bosses. My other guest is Justin Roth, who is my best friend and a serious gaming guru. We discussed 1:1 and how that can impact gaming, iPads placement within 1:1, and Apple’s announcement for Thursday, January 19th. It is a full show with plenty of content concerning your favorite subject…games and learning.

Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show contributor: Gerry James

Special GuestsScott Weidig and Justin Roth

Contact us with any questions or comments- edgamer@edreach.us