What is Your Favorite Education Game? The BBC Axed One of Mine.


“We’ve changed our technical infrastructure which means that, unfortunately, we can no longer support the Death in Sakkara game.”

There are at least four games, from the BBC website, that I use each year in my 6th grade social studies class, and Death in Sakkara was one of my favorites.  Not only was it beloved by me but also my students.  This was a game that took some skill to play and complete.  So I am left with this page that explains that their technical upgrades led to the demise of this problem-solving masterpiece.

I used this game after the completion of two other BBC games that I use for my Egyptian unit.  Mummy Maker and Pyramid Challenge have great interactive content for learning.  Problem-solving is the best part of these games.  The students struggle, whine, and complain that these games are too hard, but the funny part is that they want to keep going because the completion of the activity is a great accomplishment to a 6th grader.  I have literally had students jump in celebration when they have completed one of the games.  I might snicker at their trials and tribulations, but I am proud when they have accomplished a task that they felt was almost too difficult.  Games like this are hard to come by and so when the disappearance of Death in Sakkara was discovered, I was saddened to lose the most challenging of the three Egyptian games I use each year.  Death in Sakkara was not as educational as the other games, but it was the most difficult, and I really felt like I gave my students a task that expanded their minds.  I will miss you Sakkara.

Just because I have lost a great game does not mean that there are not other great games out there for my students.  I would think other games that accomplish the same learning outcomes must exist.

Let me know if you have a game that that I could explore to take the place of Death in Sakkara.  Please comment below or contact me at edgamer@edreach.us


Image Credit:  BBC Interactive History