EdGamer 152: Playful Learning and GLS11 Preview


EdGamer is back, on a new site, and hosted IlliniCloud! We have a ton to share, but will hold most of this news back so we can talk with our three guests from Playful Learning and GLS. Our guests are Remi Holden, Beth King, and Conor O’Malley. They will share why this conference is the best Games and Learning conference in the world! Tune-in and level-up!

Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show Guest: Beth King

Show Guest: Remi Holden

Show Guest: Conor O’Malley

Show Contributor/ProducerGerry James

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Current News

The new website – http://edgamer.net/

Powered by IlliniCloudhttp://illinicloud.org/

Minecraft and Microsoft – http://education.minecraft.net/

Connected camps: https://connectedcamps.com/

MinecraftEdu – http://minecraftedu.com/

ComputerCraftEdu – http://computercraftedu.com/

from TeacherGaminghttp://www.teachergaming.com/

Playful Learning at GLS – http://glsstudios.com/gls11/playful-learning/

GLS and PL Schedule – http://glsstudios.com/gls11/2015-schedule/

GLS – GLS11 Conference Website


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