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EdGamer Special: Don’t Blame Games, The Benefits of Gaming

Are violent video games the cause of violent crimes, especially in children?  Who is to blame and is there a solution in stopping these tragedies within our schools?  Join us this week as guests Joel Levin (The Minecraft Teacher), Lucas Gillispie (Edurealms), Gerry, and Zack  try to answer these question and many more on this week’s EdGamer.  … Read the rest

EdGamer 45: Star Wars:The Old Republic vs. World of Warcraft

It’s a packed house on EdGamer 45! This week we welcome back two of our favorite guests: Lucas Gillispie, a gamer, Instructional Technology Coordinator for Pender County Schools and blogger at Edurealms and Justin Roth, a clinical researcher and avid gamer. We only needed two topics to fill the show this week with all this brain power so we chose carefully.… Read the rest

EdGamer Episode 12: World of Warcraft, 3D GameLab, and Games You Can Use in Your Classroom

We brought back episode 7 guest Lucas Gillispie.  He is our resident expert on the use of World of Warcraft within the classroom.  Lucas discusses his curriculum and the use of machinima.  Machinima is the use of real-time video graphics (from games) and creating a cinematic production.  Lucas is finalizing a full year curriculum based on WoW and he has connected these lessons to the common core standards. … Read the rest

EdGamer Episode 7: World of Schoolcraft

Alternate title that was not used- Kids Know What Real Games Are


We’ve done it again! For the second straight week we have a fascinating guest on EdGamer. This week’s episode (Episode 7) finds us chatting with Lucas Gillispie, an Instructional Technology Coordinator for Pender County Schools in southeastern North Carolina. Lucas has a history with gaming and education that eclipses 99 percent of the field.… Read the rest

EdGamer Episode 2: Game On…Educational Gaming is Gaining Ground

On the second episode of the Ed Gamer podcast, we take some time to review the ICE (Illinois Computing Educators) we recently attended in St. Charles, IL. A lot of ground has been made in the world of gaming and education, but there is still much to do. During this podcast we examine the difference between virtual learning environments (such as World of Warcraft and SecondLife) and simple outcome games (ie.… Read the rest