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EdGamer 111: Getting Tech Savvy With Ben Rimes

This week on EdGamer 111 we chat with one of our favorite FOEs (Friend of EdGamer) Ben Rimes! Join us for captivating talk on gaming and learning as well as topics such as Diablo 3, Minecraft, and Firefly. Plus, you can’t miss some important breaking news from the…Normal Cornbelters? What has Zack gotten us into now?… Read the rest

EdGamer 105: Fight Club for Veterans

This week on EdGamer Episode 105 we dig back into the violence in video games debate. Can violent video games be a therapeutic release for some children? We take a look at a parallel endeavor by some military veterans using MMA (mixed martial arts) to release tension. Plus, we have the latest news on the Civilization series and some other great tidbits along the way.… Read the rest

EdGamer Special: Don’t Blame Games, The Benefits of Gaming

Are violent video games the cause of violent crimes, especially in children?  Who is to blame and is there a solution in stopping these tragedies within our schools?  Join us this week as guests Joel Levin (The Minecraft Teacher), Lucas Gillispie (Edurealms), Gerry, and Zack  try to answer these question and many more on this week’s EdGamer.  … Read the rest

“Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People”… Two Opposing Viewpoints on Violence in Videogames

In the recent press, Anders Behring Breivik (the person responsible for the violent Norwegian terrorist acts that lead to the murder of a total of 93 people in Oslo and at a Norwegian youth camp) claimed that he used video games to train for his rampage. Specifically, he stated that he used the game World of Warcraft and his fabricated addition to it to deflect questions about his whereabouts while planning his attack. He also claimed the game Call of Duty 2: Modern Warfare was his main training program.… Read the rest