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EdGamer 133: International Tabletop Day

This week on EdGamer 133 we celebrate International Tabletop Day! Join us as we take a look at events happening all over the globe in honor of this game based holiday. We also take a look at the new Amazon Fire TV and its gaming possibilities. As always, we bring you all the latest news and notes from the gaming and learning world.… Read the rest

EdGamer 112: What is EdGamer?

This week on EdGamer 112 Zack and Gerry are stuck together…alone! Our guest for this show, “A Gamer’s Education’s” Craig Girard sent us a list of great questions to ponder. Listen in as EdGamer attempts to define itself and give a ‘state of the field address’ on games and learning. Tune-in and level-up!

Please go to the Show Notes for all of our links.… Read the rest

EdGamer 96: Rush and a Revolution Through Games

EdGamer episode 96 covers a lot of ground. This was an eventful week that saw tragedies in Texas, Boston, and major flooding in parts of the Midwest  The week ended well with Zack and his game club (games we played- No Thanks!CartegenaBotswana) and Rush’s induction (Zack is a big Rush fan!) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.… Read the rest

EdGamer 70: Gamer’s Guide for Teachers

This week on our 70th episode of EdGamer we celebrate complete randomness with tons of great info on gaming and education. We bleep out our thoughts on censorship and look forward to a new platform for a personal favorite, Bastion! Zack tells us about his up and coming plans to attend FlatCon and Gerry gets pumped up about his new gaming club at school.… Read the rest