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EdGamer Special: On the Road at GLS!

This week, Gerry, half of the EdGamer team, took a trip to the Games+Learning+Society Conference (GLS8) in Madison, Wisconsin. This annual conference, in its 8th year, is the pinnacle event in the gaming and learning (education) world and features guest speakers and committee members such as Dr. James Paul Gee (ASU), Dr. Kurt Squire (UW-Madison), Crystle Martin (UW-Madison) and Eric Zimmerman (independent game designer) along with professionals from the gaming field, professors and students from ASU, UW-Madison, MIT and many, many more.Read the rest

EdGamer 54: Summer Prep for Games Next School Year

It’s summer time on EdGamer this week…well at least for some of us. In episode 54 we figure out what steps teachers would need to take this summer to get ready to use games in the classroom next year. We include some valuable links to resources and also look ahead to some great summer conferences you should consider attending! Watch out, it’s another don’t miss episode of EdGamer…summer style!… Read the rest

EdGamer 18: Bad Gaming Idea for Eminem

Welcome to EdGamer Episode 18! As we creep closer and closer to our 20th episode we dive deeper into the world of mass gaming. Our topics of interest this week include a look at just how fast gaming is growing through social media, the way social media is corrupting the image of gaming, and how businesses are using gaming as educational tools.… Read the rest

No Free Lunch in Room 128

There has been a tide of discussion on where schools are headed and what they should do to correct themselves.  My thoughts go directly to one weakness, problem solving.  How can I make my students (and my own children) better at this skill?Problem (or at least what I see)

We need “Good deed doers,” divergent thinkers, and problem solvers.  We need students who don’t need to be hand-held and spoon-fed.  I tell my students this all the time, but I catch myself helping and enabling.  

Read the rest

My Teacher To-Do List for the Summer

My summer seems to be pretty busy and I am always feeling like I am doing mindless tasks.  I made a conscious effort to make sure that I was completing activities that worked the mind this summer.  The list below shows most of the activities that I am involved with during my “vacation.”

Teacher Feast– This is a week long training camp for teachers to learn technology for the classroom.  It is a great model for professional development.  … Read the rest