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EdGamer Lessons: Sharing My Social Studies Lessons

I thought I would start something new on EdGamer. My time has been limited to plan, record, edit, and post my podcast, so I thought I would combine my lesson planning with my website content. My goal is to share my 6th grade social studies (ancient civilization) lessons for this entire year. These lessons are closely connected to my use of the game Civilization IV. I also use MinecraftEdu, tabletop games, and many online games.… Read the rest

EdGamer Edvisor: Top 5 Social Studies Games

EdGamer Edvisor is a compacted but highly focused version of EdGamer that gives the listener a quick list of tools or reviews to aid learning in the classroom. This episode highlights our top 5 Social Studies games for the classroom. Enjoy!






Top 5 Social Studies Games

Civilization IV

BBC Interactive History Games

Minecraft and MinecraftEdu

iCivicsFilament GamesBrainPOPLearning Games Network

Muzzy Lane Software

There are many others, but here are the ones I use?  … Read the rest