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EdGamer 127: Orange Is the New Zack

EdGamer 127 brings you the latest in gaming and education news featuring discussion about the Oculus Rift, Chromebooks in the classroom, MinecraftEdu, science games, and Apple TV as a gaming device. Plus, an entire hour of our witty banter…for that we apologize. We also have an update on Zack’s student Eric and his battle with leukemia.  A dodgeball tournament will be played to support Eric and his family.… Read the rest

EdGamer 83: Can Teachers Use the Top 10 Video Games of 2012?

This week on EdGamer Episode 83 we start off 2013 by looking back at some of the best games from 2012. We try to determine how, or if, they should be used in the classroom. Plus, we run the gamut of new articles about education and gaming including topics on children s  privacy, U.S. History and …Kerbal?… Read the rest

EdGamer 75: Diamond Sword Edition

This week on the 75th episode of EdGamer we look into the ‘DNA’ of the new strategy-puzzle game Phylo. We also check up on the Magicians Kickstarter we talked about last week…spoiler alert…it’s been doing well…really well! Finally we share a fun link to a list of classic amoral decisions video games force you to make. Don’t miss our diamond sword edition episode…tune-in and level-up!… Read the rest