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EdGamer 129: Our 3 Year Manniversary

This week on EdGamer 129 we celebrate our 3 year manniversasy! Relive all the good times  from our past as we go through our favorite shows and guests. We have 128 shows and we have learned so much from our work, our guests, and our FOE’s (friends of EdGamer). Tune-in and level-up!

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EdGamer 92: Pete Figtree Discusses Role-Playing Games in Literature

Pete Figtree of Ruthless Diastema is our guest this week on EdGamer 92.  Pete has a great Games and Learning  blog and podcast.  We have a lot in common, but Pete has focused on a specific gaming genre for his high school English and Language Arts classroom….role-playing games.  He loves using non-digital Indie games to assess his students’ learning in literature.  … Read the rest

EdGamer 66: Gen Con Recap

Holy Gen Con its EdGamer 66! On this week’s episode we walk you through our visit to this year’s Gen Con board gaming convention in Indianapolis. We break down several new games and talk about all of the fascinating people and presentations we observed. Don’t miss our review of the ‘best four days in gaming!’



Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show Contributor: Gerry James

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EdGamer 24: RPG’s Are Not Just Played In Your Mother’s Basement

RPG’s (role-playing games) are becoming more popular and don’t need to be played in your mother’s basement.  EdGamer found a free RPG on GeekDad and it got us to think about ways these games could be used in schools.  There are so many useful skills within a role-playing game.  We also have an update on Civilization IV and a chart that describes How Video Games are Changing Education.  
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