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EdGamer Lesson 2: Civilization Terms and Definitions

Lesson 2: Civilization Terms and Definitions

Learning Target(s): To define the learning targets for 6th grade social studies. Students will find the definitions for all the terms (targets) and write/type them using “student friendly” language. Students can also add pictures to the assignment document to help with comprehension.

Lesson Description:

  • Students will navigate to their Google Classroom page and open the assignment, “Civilization Terms and Definitions.”
  • They will use online and classroom resources to complete the definitions portion of the assignment.
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EdGamer Lesson 1: Civilization Survivor

Lesson 1: Civilization Survivor

Below is my first lesson for the year in my 6th grade social studies (ancient civilization) classroom.

I created this lesson in Google Classroom.

Civilization Survivor

Assignment text-

Use the map attached within this Google Classroom assignment to help complete your task.

You and your classmates have been sent back in time to 3000 B.C. and you need to figure out how to adapt, grow, and succeed using the surrounding geography provided on the map.… Read the rest

EdGamer Lessons: Sharing My Social Studies Lessons

I thought I would start something new on EdGamer. My time has been limited to plan, record, edit, and post my podcast, so I thought I would combine my lesson planning with my website content. My goal is to share my 6th grade social studies (ancient civilization) lessons for this entire year. These lessons are closely connected to my use of the game Civilization IV. I also use MinecraftEdu, tabletop games, and many online games.… Read the rest

EdGamer 50: The First to 50!

Last week was Zack’s birthday and this week it’s our birthday…our 50th! That’s right, it’s the 50th episode of EdGamer. We take a look back at all the great shows we have had and highlight a few of our favorite memories. If you are new to EdGamer check this out for some recommendations on can’t-miss past episodes. We are proud of our first 50 and we can’t wait to bring you 50 more…thanks to all for tuning in!… Read the rest

EdGamer 20: The Tools We Use for EdGamer

EdGamer 20 is short and sweet, but it doesn’t lack any punch! In fact, in honor of our 20th show, we give you a gift.  In this episode we pass along to the listener a list of places we routinely check and monitor to find all the great sites, tools and gadgets we bring to you each week!  We have brought you into the sporadic, sarcastic, app-addicted and often downright scary brain behind EdGamer…good luck and enjoy!Additional note-  Gerry needs to understand that there is a difference between Blue’s News and Blue’ Clues.  
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