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EdGamer 35: Break is Over, Let’s Play Some Games

WE’RE BACK! EdGamer welcomes you into 2012 with a show chock full of educational gaming information. In this episode we recap the holidays, visit a few new articles and look forward to the possible future of gaming and education. EdGamer 35 will give you everything you need to start your edugaming year off right! Tune in.

Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show contributor: Gerry James

Contact us with any questions or comments- edgamer@edreach.us

EdGamer 28: Are Games the Modern Novel?


We’re back! The 28th installment of EdGamer takes off with a discussion about video games and creativity and then sinks into one of the best and deepest articles we have found about gaming. You do not want to miss this episode as it is jam packed with some useful info, some hilarious info, and some true ‘what am I listening to’ moments!
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EdGamer 26: The Results Are Obvious, Kids Are Playing More Games

This week on EdGamer 26 we analyze the results of a telling new study. According to the study, 91% of children today are…PLAYING VIDEO GAMES (cue dramatic music)!!! We brace ourselves as we dissect this ridiculously obvious study. Why are children playing video games…um…because they are fun? Duh. Tune in for some more heavy sarcasm as well as some criticism of violence in video games and some support of games and storytelling in the classroom.
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