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EdGamer 128: Humble Bundle

This week on EdGamer 128 we have some catching up to do! After calling in sick last week, we come right back at you with a plethora of gaming and learning news. From game packs for under 10 bucks to conferences for kids run by kids.  This week’s EdGamer has everything you need to satisfy your edugaming needs. Tune-in and level-up!… Read the rest

EdGamer 59: Welcome to the Dojo!

Welcome to the Dojo…We got fun and games! This week on EdGamer 59, we take on a myriad of topics about gaming and learning. From new Civilization updates, to a gaming book club, and to some new innovative programs. This episode is packed with info on the latest current events. Don’t miss this episode…listen up to level up!



Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show Contributor: Gerry James

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EdGamer 57: Jeff Holmes of ASU

Episode 57 of EdGamer has us checking in with our first guest from the recent GLS conference: Jeff Holmes from ASU and the Center for Games and Impact. We discuss a plethora of topics with Jeff including the new Surface tablet from Microsoft, the Teach with Portals platform from Valve and everything new and interesting from Jeff’s work and studies. Check out EdGamer 57 for reviews, previews and great conversations with a new friend of EdGamer: Jeff Holmes.… Read the rest

EdGamer 23: A Thousand Year Game

Think you can design a game that could last for a thousand years? On this episode of EdGamer find an online contest that asks you to do just that! Plus we revisit our Portal fascination with a new short film by Dan Trachtenberg. You can find information about these plus a solid half hour of our natural humor and wit…who could want more?
Read the rest

EdGamer Episode 9: A Portal 2 the Classroom


In episode 9 of EdGamer we go in-depth on what we feel could be one of the most important game releases in a long time for video games and education…Portal 2! This game is being well received by the gaming community and takes a step up from its predecessor (Portal) by introducing coop gaming. Listen in as we discuss Portal 2’s possible impact in the classroom.… Read the rest