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EdGamer Episode 131.132: Oculus FaceRift

This week on EdGamer 131.132 we catch up on a lot of Games and Learning news. If you are looking for EdGamer 131 it is out there, but according to Zack it will be referred to as a lost episode. In EdGamer 131.132 we discuss Zack’s visit to SXSWedu and a selfie with Nolan Bushnell who is working on a project called BrainRush.… Read the rest

EdGamer 127: Orange Is the New Zack

EdGamer 127 brings you the latest in gaming and education news featuring discussion about the Oculus Rift, Chromebooks in the classroom, MinecraftEdu, science games, and Apple TV as a gaming device. Plus, an entire hour of our witty banter…for that we apologize. We also have an update on Zack’s student Eric and his battle with leukemia.  A dodgeball tournament will be played to support Eric and his family.… Read the rest

EdGamer 108: Lucas Gillispie Goes Virtual With Oculus Rift

This week on EdGamer 108 we are thrilled to have one of our favorite F.O.E.s (Friend of EdGamer): Lucas Gillispie. We ‘look’ ahead to the future of 3D gaming with a preview of Oculus Rift. Lucas helps us speculate on the possibility of using a technology like this in the classroom. Finally, we take a trip through the world of learning and gaming to touch on a myriad of subjects from games for the blind to Xbox self-publishing to Schoology badges.… Read the rest