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EdGamer 129: Our 3 Year Manniversary

This week on EdGamer 129 we celebrate our 3 year manniversasy! Relive all the good times  from our past as we go through our favorite shows and guests. We have 128 shows and we have learned so much from our work, our guests, and our FOE’s (friends of EdGamer). Tune-in and level-up!

Full list of Show Notes for EdGamer.

Please go to the Show Notes for all of our links.… Read the rest

EdGamer Special: ‘Be Smart On Air’ Hangout About Educational Acronyms

Zack joined a friend from across the pond and near the North Pole. Niilo Alhovaara is the host of ‘Be Smart on Air.’  Niilo resides in the northern part of Sweden, but he is in the center of educational technology in Europe.  There were four other guests for this Hangout about educational acronyms and their meanings.  The guests were Kim Nilsson (Sweden), Tiina Sarisalmi (Finland), Kurt Schlegel (Germany), and Marilina Lanigro (Italy).  … Read the rest