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EdGamer 109: What is the Future of Games and Learning?

This week on EdGamer 109 we have two guests, Heather Robertson and Wade Berger. Heather is a recent guest and Wade is a first timer to EdGamer from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and GLS. Our topic is the direction and future of Games and Learning. Our discussion includes mobile platforms, investment, creation, and tools to help teachers implement games in their classroom.… Read the rest

EdGamer 94: Kahoot!


Jamie Brooker joins us this week for EdGamer 94. Jamie is Co-Founder & Lead Designer of Kahoot! Crafted using a design-led approach, Kahoot! is a web-based mobile and tablet friendly platform. With a simple user experience, it creates a social, fun and game-like environment in the classroom. Do you want to try this interactive game in your classroom? Use “edgamer” as the priority code for the beta access.… Read the rest

EdGamer 42: What is Gamification and Can It Be Harmful to Your Health?

EdGamer 42 is packed with great info! This week we tackle the complex and controversial issue of ‘Gamification’ in the classroom…fun or fad…we help you decide. Plus, we revisit the Vita and look ahead to another great new game that is due out in the near future. Check it out!

***A clarification of a incorrect statement by Zack- Taoists use Yin-Yang and Buddhist use a wheel called the Dharmachakra.… Read the rest

What is Your Favorite Education Game? The BBC Axed One of Mine.

“We’ve changed our technical infrastructure which means that, unfortunately, we can no longer support the Death in Sakkara game.”

There are at least four games, from the BBC website, that I use each year in my 6th grade social studies class, and Death in Sakkara was one of my favorites.  Not only was it beloved by me but also my students.  This was a game that took some skill to play and complete.  So I am left with this page that explains that their technical upgrades led to the demise of this problem-solving masterpiece.

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