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EdGamer 133: International Tabletop Day

This week on EdGamer 133 we celebrate International Tabletop Day! Join us as we take a look at events happening all over the globe in honor of this game based holiday. We also take a look at the new Amazon Fire TV and its gaming possibilities. As always, we bring you all the latest news and notes from the gaming and learning world.… Read the rest

EdGamer 119: New Games to iOS and Microsoft

This week on EdGamer 119 we give you a quick run through on all the latest gaming and learning news across many platforms. A sweet new Lego release, multi-platform gaming coming from Microsoft, and De-Mystifying Minecraft for educators. It’s another can’t miss episode from the bearded gaming guys. Tune-in and level-up!

Please go to the Show Notes for all of our links.… Read the rest

EdGamer 55: Manipulation is not only a tool for the ‘Dark Side’

This week on EdGamer  Episode 55 we try to figure out the motivation behind an…uh…interesting article by a few psychologists. Then in happier thoughts we check out a great article about Ken Burns and manipulation. Finally we look ahead some exciting new game releases. Tune in to the latest EdGamer episode and find out Zack’s deepest, darkest secret (spoiler alert: he cried at the end of Harry Potter).… Read the rest