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EdGamer 30: PixeLicks, Student Game Reviews

Hey EdGamers, its guest time again! In this week’s episode we are rollin’ with Roland…Roland Aichele that is (sorry Roland). Our guest on EdGamer 30 joins us from beautiful West Sacramento, CA and tells us all about his students’ work on the website PixelLicks. Join us to hear all about this site, his students and his thoughts on gaming and learning.
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EdGamer 26: The Results Are Obvious, Kids Are Playing More Games

This week on EdGamer 26 we analyze the results of a telling new study. According to the study, 91% of children today are…PLAYING VIDEO GAMES (cue dramatic music)!!! We brace ourselves as we dissect this ridiculously obvious study. Why are children playing video games…um…because they are fun? Duh. Tune in for some more heavy sarcasm as well as some criticism of violence in video games and some support of games and storytelling in the classroom.
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EdGamer 22: Phillips You, GameStop

This week’s episode of EdGamer is truly unique…Zack is cursing with tools and Gerry has HIVEs!!! Tune in for some smack talk about GameStop, Zack’s plans to buy his wife a new phone and a phenomenal article about the exciting future of games and storytelling in education. This blurb may be misleading at best, but don’t let it stop you from checking out this action packed EdGamer podcast.
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