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EdGamer 101: The Return of the Gee-nius

This is EdGamer 101 and class is in session! Our guest today is one of our favorite returning guests, Dr. James Paul Gee. Join us as we discuss his new book and other tidbits from the world of gaming and learning. Tune-in and level-up!

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Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show Contributor: Gerry James

Show Guest: Dr.Read the rest

EdGamer 95: A Common Thread Between Tiger Woods, Education, Games, and Assessments

As we creep closer to the century mark, episode 95 of EdGamer takes a deeper look at video games and assessment. This detailed conversation offers critical reviews of our current evaluation techniques of student learning and teacher effectiveness. On a positive note, we look to video games to help remedy this situation! Join us for this important topic and more news and notes from the field of gaming and learning.… Read the rest

EdGamer 49: Games and Learning Update with Dr. James Paul Gee

“Everything I have ever done is an obsession.” – Dr. James Paul Gee

The ‘Geenius’ is back! Its EdGamer 49 and Zack gets a very special birthday gift…another conversation with Dr. James Paul Gee. There are few words that could sufficiently sum up the the amazing and intense conversation we have with Dr. Gee. His thoughts and insights in the field of gaming and learning are unparalleled.… Read the rest

EdGamer Episode 10: Games and Learning with James Gee


To show my authentic excitement for this interview, I have left an error in the audio concerning the numbering of this podcast.  This is Episode 10 and not 11 as stated in the beginning of the recording. Enjoy!


We have a very special interview this week on EdGamer to celebrate our 10th episode together! And what better way to celebrate than with a GEEnius?… Read the rest