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EdGamer 148: The Gameful Classroom With Bob De Schutter

In EdGamer 148 we are joined by Bob De Schutter (MA, PhD). Bob is a C. Michael Armstrong Professor at the College of Education, Health & Society and the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies of Miami University (Oxford, OH). His interdisciplinary research and teaching interests include game design, the older audience of digital games, and the use of digital games for non-entertainment purposes.… Read the rest

EdGamer 112: What is EdGamer?

This week on EdGamer 112 Zack and Gerry are stuck together…alone! Our guest for this show, “A Gamer’s Education’s” Craig Girard sent us a list of great questions to ponder. Listen in as EdGamer attempts to define itself and give a ‘state of the field address’ on games and learning. Tune-in and level-up!

Please go to the Show Notes for all of our links.… Read the rest

EdGamer 42: What is Gamification and Can It Be Harmful to Your Health?

EdGamer 42 is packed with great info! This week we tackle the complex and controversial issue of ‘Gamification’ in the classroom…fun or fad…we help you decide. Plus, we revisit the Vita and look ahead to another great new game that is due out in the near future. Check it out!

***A clarification of a incorrect statement by Zack- Taoists use Yin-Yang and Buddhist use a wheel called the Dharmachakra.… Read the rest

Buzzword alert – Gamification


Please welcome our guest blogger, Sylvia Martinez. Sylvia is an evangelist for empowering students through technology, and is one of the great, resounding voices in innovative education. You can follow her on Twitter at @smartinez– and follow her work at blog.genyes.org.

Have you been gamified yet? Perhaps not a painful as it sounds, gamification is on its way to becoming THE buzzword of 2011. Social media engagement tools such as badges, points, levels, leaderboards, etc are making their way out of hipster apps to every online engagement you can think of.… Read the rest