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EdGamer 37: You’re Popping My Brain

This week’s episode of EdGamer is POPPIN’! Sorry…that was terrible…but the show this week is great! Tune in to EdGamer 37 for an in-depth review/preview of BrainPop and game creator GameSalad. We also give a shoutout to our new friend (and hopefully future guest) Pete and his endeavors with the Games and Learning Dream Tank on G+. Finally we weigh in the topic everyone is talking about: the new Apple textbooks and the impact they may have on gaming and learning.… Read the rest

EdGamer 22: Phillips You, GameStop

This week’s episode of EdGamer is truly unique…Zack is cursing with tools and Gerry has HIVEs!!! Tune in for some smack talk about GameStop, Zack’s plans to buy his wife a new phone and a phenomenal article about the exciting future of games and storytelling in education. This blurb may be misleading at best, but don’t let it stop you from checking out this action packed EdGamer podcast.
Read the rest