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EdGamer Episode 131.132: Oculus FaceRift

This week on EdGamer 131.132 we catch up on a lot of Games and Learning news. If you are looking for EdGamer 131 it is out there, but according to Zack it will be referred to as a lost episode. In EdGamer 131.132 we discuss Zack’s visit to SXSWedu and a selfie with Nolan Bushnell who is working on a project called BrainRush.… Read the rest

EdGamer 41: Hasta la “PS Vita” Baby

EdGamer 41 is all business! We have a jam packed show this week with segments on Sony’s new PS Vita, a Smithsonian exhibit dedicated to video game history and a writing opportunity on video game violence from the ISTE website. We also discuss the fizzling of Facebook gaming as well as some huge new video game releases. This week’s episode is short but powerful…just like Zack…tune in!… Read the rest

EdGamer 18: Bad Gaming Idea for Eminem

Welcome to EdGamer Episode 18! As we creep closer and closer to our 20th episode we dive deeper into the world of mass gaming. Our topics of interest this week include a look at just how fast gaming is growing through social media, the way social media is corrupting the image of gaming, and how businesses are using gaming as educational tools.… Read the rest

EdGamer Episode 14: Facebook in Schools? Suggestions for Mark Zuckerberg

This week on EdGamer Episode 14, we discuss the potential uses of Facebook in the classroom. From utilizing the gaming features the addictive communicative qualities; the possibilities of using Facebook in the educational setting are as endless as one’s creativity. However, every great idea comes with its fair share of pitfalls. In this podcast, we talk about the positives (i.e. mobile education) and the negatives (i.e.… Read the rest