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EdGamer 110: Rob Steller Shares His ClassXP Kickstarter

This week on EdGamer 110 we hang out with two new guests: Rob Steller and Josiah Hills!  The guys walk us through their Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming educational platform ClassXP. We discuss the implications this program can have for teachers and assessment as well as how it differs from the gamification trends in the field. Don’t miss this episode.… Read the rest

EdGamer 39: The Inner Circle of Games and Learning

Check out EdGamer 39 for another witty episode of Zack and Gerry running through your favorite gaming and education topics. This week we decipher the cryptic (or just incredibly cool) inner circle of gaming and learning that stretches from MIT to Wisconsin to Arizona. We also track down some of Bill Gates’ money and find out how it is being used to support gaming and education.… Read the rest

EdGamer 38: Edmodo, a Gaming Tool For Teachers

Level up everybody, EdGamer 38 is here! In this weeks episode we discuss Edmodo, Zack’s new XP point system and his unhealthy obsession with Excel. Later we take a trip to the greatest kingdom ever created called “Gerrytopia” and briefly discuss some new uses for the Khan Academy. Check it out!

Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show contributor: Gerry James


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