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EdGamer 27: Lucas G. and the BBC

This week I was joined by a FOE (Friend of EdGamer) Lucas Gillispie. Lucas filled in for the voiceless Gerry and he updated us on 3D GameLab and other projects on his plate.  We also discussed my article concerning the removal of one of my favorite (or favourite if you are British) games from the BBC website, Death in Sakkara.
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What is Your Favorite Education Game? The BBC Axed One of Mine.

“We’ve changed our technical infrastructure which means that, unfortunately, we can no longer support the Death in Sakkara game.”

There are at least four games, from the BBC website, that I use each year in my 6th grade social studies class, and Death in Sakkara was one of my favorites.  Not only was it beloved by me but also my students.  This was a game that took some skill to play and complete.  So I am left with this page that explains that their technical upgrades led to the demise of this problem-solving masterpiece.

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EdGamer Podcast 1: The Games That We Play

  • “The Games That We Play”
    • There are many games that Gerry and I use in the classroom.  We have picked six games that we currently use and we will explain why we use them.
    • Zack’s Pick- BBC Interactive Games
      • Mummy Maker
      • Pyramid Challenge
    • Gerry’s Pick- Classic classroom games: The Great Debate
      • Involves Role Play
      • Students can be forced to see multiple perspectives on one issue
      • Includes current events
    • Zack’s Pick- Word on the Street by Out of the Box Games
      • On each turn, one team flips over a category card.
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