Why Education Gives Me a Rush

In the winter of my sophomore year in high school a friend of mine, Brian, was driving me to a performance.  We were part of a dance ensemble in high school.  It was something like Glee, but not as fancy.  Brian was driving his Porsche 914, it was the Porsche that had the engine in the back and it was very light.  I think he took me along because I added weight to the car, which helped with the traction.  … Read the rest

EdGamer Episode 14: Facebook in Schools? Suggestions for Mark Zuckerberg

This week on EdGamer Episode 14, we discuss the potential uses of Facebook in the classroom. From utilizing the gaming features the addictive communicative qualities; the possibilities of using Facebook in the educational setting are as endless as one’s creativity. However, every great idea comes with its fair share of pitfalls. In this podcast, we talk about the positives (i.e. mobile education) and the negatives (i.e.… Read the rest

EdGamer Episode 13: Have Board – Will Game

Do you have trouble getting access to technology, within your school, for gaming? Board games offer a simple and nice alternative for gaming in the classroom. Gerry and I discuss our childhood board gaming experiences, which includes Candy Land and Axis and Allies. We explain why board games should be part of your classroom resources and how they can lead to learning.… Read the rest

EdGamer Episode 12: World of Warcraft, 3D GameLab, and Games You Can Use in Your Classroom

We brought back episode 7 guest Lucas Gillispie.  He is our resident expert on the use of World of Warcraft within the classroom.  Lucas discusses his curriculum and the use of machinima.  Machinima is the use of real-time video graphics (from games) and creating a cinematic production.  Lucas is finalizing a full year curriculum based on WoW and he has connected these lessons to the common core standards. … Read the rest

EdGamer Episode 11: 3D GameLab from Boise State University


This week I interviewed Chris Haskell from Boise State University. They not only have a great football team, with a colorful field, but they have an excellent Educational Technology program.

Chris Haskell and Lisa Dawley have designed an online educational software platform that could transform content and delivery for years to come. Learn about 3D GameLab, from EdGamer, before you hear it from your peers.… Read the rest