My Teacher To-Do List for the Summer

My summer seems to be pretty busy and I am always feeling like I am doing mindless tasks.  I made a conscious effort to make sure that I was completing activities that worked the mind this summer.  The list below shows most of the activities that I am involved with during my “vacation.”

Teacher Feast– This is a week long training camp for teachers to learn technology for the classroom.  It is a great model for professional development.  … Read the rest

Three Qualities That Make Video Games Better Teachers Than Teachers

In my five part countdown about video games and education (the rest can be found here, at, I have addressed the types of gamers in your classroom and the common misconceptions about these students. This article, however, takes the focus off of the students and turns a spotlight onto the teachers. There are several qualities that make video games better teachers than teachers, and here are my top three:


Reason Number One: Ability to Assess


The speed and accuracy of computers are something the human brain can no longer match.… Read the rest

EdGamer 16: Vader vs. Shakespeare

EdGamer will not be heard in its entirety.  Half of EdGamer 16 has disapparated (Harry Potter terminology) into the unknown.  The show will end a little after the 35 minute mark.  Gerry and I had a few issues with Skype and all seemed well with our recording until I went to edit the show.  Our last Skype hiccup stopped my recording even though the recording program still showed that all operations were normal.  … Read the rest

EdGamer Episode 15: Will U Wii U?

What does “Will U Wii U” mean? Check out EdGamer Episode 14 for some serious game talk and some seriously goofy phrases. This week we look at Wii U and dual screen gaming on the iPad as new gaming platforms that blur the lines between home and mobile entertainment. Then we spend some time discussing the iOS Game Center and finish up with a killer review of the E3 conference held in Vegas this week.… Read the rest

Why Education Gives Me a Rush

In the winter of my sophomore year in high school a friend of mine, Brian, was driving me to a performance.  We were part of a dance ensemble in high school.  It was something like Glee, but not as fancy.  Brian was driving his Porsche 914, it was the Porsche that had the engine in the back and it was very light.  I think he took me along because I added weight to the car, which helped with the traction.  … Read the rest