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EdGamer 150: Can Games and Learning Survive The Overwhelmed Teacher?

The current education policies and expectations are overwhelming teachers. Innovative instruction, including Games and Learning, could be left behind. Gerry and Zack will discuss this topic and the current educational games news on this week’s EdGamer. Tune-in and level-up!

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Here’s our Show Notes

Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show Contributor/ProducerGerry James

Contact us with any questions or comments- zack@edgamer.net

EdGamer artwork by Tricia Fuglestad

EdGamer 136: Minecraft with John Keilman of the Chicago Tribune

This week on EdGamer 136 we are joined by John Keilman a reporter with the Chicago Tribune. John wrote a piece on Minecraft in our schools and this article appeared on the front page. It is nice to see a positive education article get some spotlight! He interviewed many important people (including Zack) about Minecraft’s use and potential. Join us for another insightful episode of EdGamer.… Read the rest

EdGamer 134: Historia Beta Will Take You Back in Time

This week on EdGamer 134, Gerry is missing, but we have added Kate Reilly from E-Line Media and Historia. Kate is sharing information on the beta for Historia and what this interactive simulation can do for you in your classroom. We also discuss a great article on Minecraft integration and a new Kickstarter for creating digital story games. There is so much to learn in this episode of EdGamer.… Read the rest

EdGamer Episode 131.132: Oculus FaceRift

This week on EdGamer 131.132 we catch up on a lot of Games and Learning news. If you are looking for EdGamer 131 it is out there, but according to Zack it will be referred to as a lost episode. In EdGamer 131.132 we discuss Zack’s visit to SXSWedu and a selfie with Nolan Bushnell who is working on a project called BrainRush.… Read the rest

EdGamer 126: How Gamifi-ED Empowers Students

This week on EdGamer 126 we bring back one of our favorite features of the show: new guests! Vicki Davis, Lee Graham and Colin Osterhout of the thriving new gaming and learning initiative Gamifi-ED. (We will be bringing Verena Roberts of Gamifi-ED on EdGamer in the near future) Listen in as we pick their brains about their wiki, personal views on education and some of their favorite games.… Read the rest