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EdGamer 105: Fight Club for Veterans

This week on EdGamer Episode 105 we dig back into the violence in video games debate. Can violent video games be a therapeutic release for some children? We take a look at a parallel endeavor by some military veterans using MMA (mixed martial arts) to release tension. Plus, we have the latest news on the Civilization series and some other great tidbits along the way.… Read the rest

EdGamer 97: Medieval Games and Girl Scout Badges

This week on EdGamer 97 we try to decipher the connection between the Girls Scouts of America and Vikings…who could pass that up? Let us enlighten your half hour with knowledge about #EdWin, great history games, and Zack’s old age. It’s an episode you can’t miss. Tune-in and level-up!





Please go to the Show Notes for all of our links.… Read the rest

EdGamer 61: Gaming the Past with Jeremiah McCall

This week on EdGamer 61…Paging Dr. McCall…Dr. Jeremiah McCall! We are joined by the mastermind behind the Gaming the Past website (and book) for some conversation on how video games can be used in the history classroom. Jeremiah takes us through a myriad of examples of games, lessons and resources. This is a can’t miss episode for anyone looking to incorporate simulation or games in the classroom…check it out!… Read the rest

EdGamer 59: Welcome to the Dojo!

Welcome to the Dojo…We got fun and games! This week on EdGamer 59, we take on a myriad of topics about gaming and learning. From new Civilization updates, to a gaming book club, and to some new innovative programs. This episode is packed with info on the latest current events. Don’t miss this episode…listen up to level up!



Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show Contributor: Gerry James

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EdGamer 40: iPads, Star Wars Kinect, and Civilization V Expansion

EdGamer is 40! For the special occasion we dig up some articles about our favorite things…Star Wars, Civilization and and iPads. Zack tells us some exciting news he received about his classroom before we delve into the possibilities of the Kinect(ed) classroom. We also take a look at one of the best commercials either of us have seen in a long time for a game that we are both pumped about.… Read the rest