Holiday Gaming Picks by EdGamer

Holiday shopping is here and every year I am asked about the best games to purchase. I am asked by parents and fellow teachers concerning games for their children or other family members. There are many categories and many platforms. These choices might not be the best for you, but they are the ones that I own or have on my wish-list. Some of these games are great for the classroom, some are totally not appropriate, and some are just plain fun.
For the classroom – C
Just for fun – F
I own – O
I have on my wish-list –

PC and Console Games

This game is definitely for adults and if you like being in a Michael Bay film then this will  be perfect.

My family has thoroughly enjoyed the first edition of this game and this one is supposed to be even better. Kinect Sports Season 2 can be played at home and also in schools. There are schools who use the Xbox with Kinect.

If you want to have fun and workout at the same time then this is the game for you. I know all of you are asking and the answer is yes, I am one of the dancers. I will give a you a gold star if you can find me within the game.

  • Civilization IV or VC, F, O

I couldn’t leave this off the list. It is one of my all time favorites and I play this at home and use it within the classroom. I like the versions on the PC, but I am not a fan of the console or the mobile versions. If you want Civilization V then you will need to make sure your computer can handle it. It is a resource hog and older computers will struggle to run it properly.

I am not sure if these could be used in the classroom, but it could be a fun challenge. These games are great for many ages and enjoyable to play together. I have had many hours trying to get through each level with my children.  These games can be played on the console, PC, and Nintendo DS.


Board Games

The object of the game is settle and control the territory and resources of the game board. What makes this game great is the board can be changed in many ways and that keeps each game new and exciting.

This is a great game for the classroom. Questions are asked and your answers move the pieces on the board. The object of the game is to remove the most letters. This is not easy to explain.  Watch the video on the link page to get a better understading.

There are several versions of this game and they are Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Africa. This game helps build geography skills.

Ok, this is a geeky, but it is a good pick for those who enjoy Tolkien. This is a cooperative game which makes this game unique. The game has an ultimate goal and if I have to explain that goal then this is probably not the game for you.

Days of Wonder is a great board game company who has recently jumped into the online and  iOS platforms. Check out their selection of games and I am sure you will find something enjoyable.


Mobile Device Games
I don’t even know where to start here.  There is so much content and too little time.  I will share 2 sites I use often. They are both very helpful in finding games for education, for productivity, and for those that are not so productive.

  • – This site has teacher and student reviews of iOS apps.
  • AppAdvice – A great resource to find apps for all areas.  They have current app news, category lists, and a daily list of free apps.