EdGamer 24: RPG’s Are Not Just Played In Your Mother’s Basement

RPG’s (role-playing games) are becoming more popular and don’t need to be played in your mother’s basement.  EdGamer found a free RPG on GeekDad and it got us to think about ways these games could be used in schools.  There are so many useful skills within a role-playing game.  We also have an update on Civilization IV and a chart that describes How Video Games are Changing Education.  Enjoy!


Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show contributor: Gerry James

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2 thoughts on “EdGamer 24: RPG’s Are Not Just Played In Your Mother’s Basement”

  1. I love that you shared this with us as I am an avid believer that RPG’s and other such games can be useful tools in the classroom.  I recently conducted an action research project using Guild Wars to teach social skills (teamwork, leadership, collaboration, etc…) that are needed in the 21st century workforce.  You can view my work on that topic at http://levonda.com/AR/ if you would like.  Thanks for the great show! =)

  2. Thank you for the comments.  I totally agree about the skills gained from RPG’s.  Gerry and I really didn’t get too in depth with this topic, but I am thinking we might have to in the near future.  I would love to see stories told in this manner and maybe even student created RPG’s to show understanding of a novel or classroom topics.  So many possibilities!  Thanks for sharing your site.  Make sure you go to the show notes on the wiki and download the free RPG Lady Blackbird.

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