EdGamer 16: Vader vs. Shakespeare


EdGamer will not be heard in its entirety.  Half of EdGamer 16 has disapparated (Harry Potter terminology) into the unknown.  The show will end a little after the 35 minute mark.  Gerry and I had a few issues with Skype and all seemed well with our recording until I went to edit the show.  Our last Skype hiccup stopped my recording even though the recording program still showed that all operations were normal.  I will call this  lesson learned.  I will now make sure  to start a new recording (from where we left off) when Skype gives us trouble.  All that being said, the last two topics, Kinect and Who Would Win, will not be part of the audio.  The links to those topics will be in the notes on the EdGamer Wiki.

A shout out, on our next podcast, to the first person who can explain and answer the title to this podcast.

My apologies to our listeners.

Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show contributors: Gerry James

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The complete show notes are now on the EdGamer Wiki.

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