EdGamer Episode 11: 3D GameLab from Boise State University



This week I interviewed Chris Haskell from Boise State University. They not only have a great football team, with a colorful field, but they have an excellent Educational Technology program.

Chris Haskell and Lisa Dawley have designed an online educational software platform that could transform content and delivery for years to come. Learn about 3D GameLab, from EdGamer, before you hear it from your peers.


About Chris:

With experience as a Music Educator and an M.S. in Educational Technology, Chris Haskell is now a Special Lecturer in Educational Technology at Boise State University. In addition to teaching, he is an active presenter at conferences throughout the West sharing his knowledge and interest in online learning and education through social networks, virtual worlds, and gaming.


Selected Works

Screen shots:

Videos showing Gamelab:

3D GameLab: Turn Your Classroom into a Living Game!

3D GameLab

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  1.  @Chris:disqus  – I just gained +20 points in Little House on the Prairie knowledge.  Level 85, huh?  Thanks!  @Zack – Oh, it’s on!  Get ready!  

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