EdGamer Lesson 2: Civilization Terms and Definitions


Lesson 2: Civilization Terms and Definitions

Learning Target(s): To define the learning targets for 6th grade social studies. Students will find the definitions for all the terms (targets) and write/type them using “student friendly” language. Students can also add pictures to the assignment document to help with comprehension.

Lesson Description:

  • Students will navigate to their Google Classroom page and open the assignment, “Civilization Terms and Definitions.”
  • They will use online and classroom resources to complete the definitions portion of the assignment. The definitions they enter into this document need to be easy to understand (student friendly) and they should be able to demonstrate their understanding, if questioned by the teacher.
    • (Side note) Many times students will copy and paste definitions and they don’t understand the meaning. Constant questioning by the instructor, to all students, limits any problems.
  • Two class periods should be enough time to complete the worksheet. If students finish early they can add photos to help with comprehension.
  • Civilization Terms and Definitions Worksheet Filled In

Formative Assessment:

Three Kahoot! games were created to discuss and assess the students’ comprehension of the terms. Kahoot! has become a standard in my classroom for formative assessments.

The next lesson will have the students fill in a Civilization Chart using the United States as an example. Students gain knowledge in lesson 2 and they will apply this knowledge in lesson 3. This template chart, along with the terms and definitions, will be a constant resource throughout each unit/civilization we study.

The learning targets (Civilization Chart) are used as my common assessment for each unit and the students will track their growth for each target. More will be discussed how this chart is used in my next posted lesson.


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