EdGamer Lesson 1: Civilization Survivor


Lesson 1: Civilization Survivor

Below is my first lesson for the year in my 6th grade social studies (ancient civilization) classroom.

I created this lesson in Google Classroom.

Civilization Survivor

Assignment text-

Use the map attached within this Google Classroom assignment to help complete your task.

You and your classmates have been sent back in time to 3000 B.C. and you need to figure out how to adapt, grow, and succeed using the surrounding geography provided on the map. Explain below how you and your peers will survive and create a civilization.

Here are the two documents.

Map from Civilization IV

Civilization Map for Asessment

Worksheet sent in Google Classroom-

Civilization Survivor Document


Additional information-

I had the students work for two days typing up their ideas. On day three, the class will collaborate, with my guidance, and create a class plan of action.

I will attach these class plans when we finish and that will show my goals for this lesson. My goals for all my lessons are in this document and more will be explained about this document in later lessons.

Gilbert Civilization Themes 1 page Version

Classroom created documents will be added below….

Here is the classroom discussion document that we created. Civilization Survivor Class Discussion Document




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