EdGamer 106: Death in Sakkara Is Alive!


This week on EdGamer 106 we take off the training wheels and use Google Hangouts On Air without any assistance. Scary…but not as scary as the return of Death in Sakkara. This is the great 1920’s Egyptian murder mystery game created by Preloaded.  This was one of Zack’s favorite classroom games that was removed by the BBC because of website upgrades.  It is back from the dead!  We also discuss Playful Learning, Valve’s new education tool for game creation, and Google came out with some magical device called the Chromecast. Don’t miss this HD version of EdGamer. Tune-in and level-up!

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Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show Contributor/Producer- Gerry James

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EdGamer artwork by Tricia Fuglestad