EdGamer 92: Pete Figtree Discusses Role-Playing Games in Literature


Pete Figtree of Ruthless Diastema is our guest this week on EdGamer 92.  Pete has a great Games and Learning  blog and podcast.  We have a lot in common, but Pete has focused on a specific gaming genre for his high school English and Language Arts classroom….role-playing games.  He loves using non-digital Indie games to assess his students’ learning in literature.  Tabletop games, cards, and dice are commonly seen in Pete’s classroom and his students enjoy.  Get some great gaming tips from this episode of EdGamer! Tune-in and level-up!

Alternate TitlePete Figtree of Ruthless Diastema or Diasteema?

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Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show Contributor: Gerry James

Show Guest: Pete Figtree


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