EdGamer 76: So You Want to Start a Game Club?


This week on EdGamer Episode 76 we give you the cheat code on how to start a game club at your school! We also stand up for SIT, check out the Wind Map and  ramble on about tons of other interesting stuff…or at least we think its interesting. Don’t miss this episode as we slowly creep toward the century mark. Tune-in and level- up!

Show Host: Zack Gilbert

Show Contributor: Gerry James

Here’s our Show Notes

  • Start a Gaming Club
    • Parental permission form
        • for rides home and permission to be here
      • Is there a need?
        • Social skills
        • Bullying
        • A safe place to play
      • Academic (yes)
    • Planning meeting with core students (Guild Leaders – 8 students)
      • Mission statement
        • Focus and goals
        • Using games to enhance learning
          • Have fun, create, and socialize
      • What games and platforms?
        • PC
        • Platform (writing a grant) Xbox???
        • Board
        • Card
        • Role-Playing
        • Miniatures
        • Mobile Gaming
      • Time?
        • some days until 4pm or 5:30pm?
        • Friday
      • Advertise and announcements
        • Signs for next meeting
        • Date
        • 3:05- 4:30pm
      • Sponsorship
        • Game stores
        • parents
        • Local gaming groups
    • First Meeting….
      • Bring a few games yourself
        • Introduce a new game each meeting
      • good luck!


More detailed information here! Teachercraft: How Teachers Learn to Use Minecraft in their Classrooms


Contact us with any questions or comments- edgamer@edreach.us


EdGamer artwork by Tricia Fuglestad