EdGamer Episode 2: Game On…Educational Gaming is Gaining Ground


On the second episode of the Ed Gamer podcast, we take some time to review the ICE (Illinois Computing Educators) we recently attended in St. Charles, IL. A lot of ground has been made in the world of gaming and education, but there is still much to do. During this podcast we examine the difference between virtual learning environments (such as World of Warcraft and SecondLife) and simple outcome games (ie. Tetris…there has to be a better example). Secondly we will discuss a TED Talk Presentation by Tom Chatfield titled, “7 Ways Games Reward the Game,” and its implications on the world of gaming and education. Tune in!

Ted Talks – Tom Chatfield “7 Ways Games Reward the Brain.”

Tom Chatfield Blog – “7 Ways Games Reward the Brain”

Second Life

World of Warcraft (WOW)

Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) Conference